Sarasota’s Summer Season Promises Stronger Than Normal Sales

Sarasota’s Summer Season Promises Stronger Real Estate Sales

In many parts of the world, the summer is synonymous with family time, vacations and travel. The hospitality industry in popular summer destinations mobilizes for the expected influx of visitors. Sarasota is a bit different. As temperatures warm- many of our residents leave for cooler locales. In 2016 closings during the 3rd quarter were almost 20% less than the 2nd quarter. This year, however, I feel we are going to have a summer bump.

The primary reasons I feel real estate sales will be higher this summer:

  • One of the historical drivers for our market has been global Buyers. With a stronger dollar for over a year, the international community has had less buying power. Three of the biggest buying groups in Florida are the British, Canadians, and the South Americans. In the past few months, the buying power of the British is beginning to increase with the strengthening of the pound. If this trend continues, I would expect to see increased activity this summer — a typical time when they visit our area.
  • Nearly a year ago a paralysis gripped luxury buyers. The attention of most of the country moved from the primaries to the general election. The euphoria and hangover of the November election has subsided enough so that many have refocused on their personal priorities, family, work, and living. Now Buyers are finished procrastinating and taking their additional profits from a rising stock market and returning to the real estate market.

The Secret to Selling in Sarasota’s Real Estate Market? Make it EASY

If you are a Seller, the magic word is EASY. By this I mean that the most strategic thing you can do to prepare your property for sale is make it effortless for the new owners to move in. Today’s Buyer is paying for convenience and aggressively discounting when there is work to be done.

We are actively working with dozens and dozens of Buyers who are walking through open houses and searching online- the best way to for them to get excited about buying your home is by making it EASY for them to purchase.

Call me at 941.587.0740 to find out exactly how to make your property EASY to buy.

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