LIVE this SUNDAY, NOV 14: The Forces Driving Sarasota’s Real Estate Future

If you are anywhere near Sarasota on Sunday, November 14th, I invite you to join me and this incredible panel of local experts as we delve into the diverse forces shaping the real estate market on Longboat Key and Sarasota in general.

Is the real estate market about to go off a cliff, or have we finally reached price parity with some other areas in Florida such as Palm Beach and Naples?
While there are no crystal balls, each of the panelist has their own superpowers:

  • Elizabeth Diaz from Williams Parker Law Firm is the guru of estate planning in the State of Florida. She will be joining us to tell us about all the people that are bombarding her with relocations to Florida, and specifically Sarasota.
  • Jeff DeJongh with Purmort & Martin is a risk assessment and insurance expert. He’s at the leading edge of understanding how insurance is going to affect our cost of ownership going forward. Are the impacts of hurricanes and other natural disasters affecting insurance costs and are we going to see premiums go way up or stay the same.
  • Julia DeCastro, the preeminent expert on the Ultra Luxury buyer. She just spent several years with the Ritz-Carlton Residences in downtown Sarasota and is part of the team for an Ultra Luxury residential project on Lido Key. She has spent more time with the greatest number of ultra-luxury buyers than anyone in the state. Her firsthand insights into what they want and how they are thinking are extremely noteworthy.

This is the opening event for Temple Beth Israel Men’s Club Speaker Series. A traditional buffet of bagels & lox with all the fixings will be featured as well as fruits and cakes. This breakfast and panel discussion will be from 9:30-11am. Please call the TBI office to reserve your space.

Temple Beth Israel

567 Bay Isles Rd
Longboat Key, FL
941 383 3428

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

It was just announced recently that tech company Rumble is coming to Longboat Key. For years I’ve wanted to see economic development with higher paying jobs and more diversity in terms of different companies and industries, and finally one has come to our shores. This is an incredible asset for our community.

Now I don’t want to take anything away from all the companies that are growing here organically or companies that have expanded here, but it’s very special that a tech company is making Longboat Key its home. They have promised that they’re going to have 41 jobs in management positions, the average salary is going to be about $170,000 a year. They also have about 124 non-management jobs that are going to average about $80,000 per year in salary. That is about 70% higher than the current average salary here in Sarasota.

Rumble ( is a website for content creators that have about 31.9 million unique visitors each month. We expect them to not only grow here, but also attract other tech businesses. And if it’s good for the economy in Sarasota, it’s good for our real estate. Because the real estate market goes the way the economy does, anything that increases our diversification of businesses and raises our salaries is very healthy for our local economy.

Any questions, call Lee @ 941.587.0740.

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