Motivated to Sell Your Home? What You Don’t Know May be Killing the Deal

Investments In Sarasota For Sale Sign

5 things the Savvy Seller Must Take To Heart If you are a Seller in Sarasota’s real estate, we want you to know that WHO you choose to represent your property and your interests is paramount. Without the right Realtor, you risk losing time, money, and the proper protections should anything go wrong. Here are […] Read more

The Essential Guide to Buying New Construction Condos in Sarasota

New Construction in Sarasota

What You Don’t Know May Cost You in Time, Money, And Happiness in 2023 When buyers enter the process of purchasing new construction unrepresented, they typically don’t know all the questions they should be asking, nor the protections that should be put in place on their behalf. They unwittingly put themselves at a distinct disadvantage […] Read more

Your 8 Step Ultimate Guide to Buying Real Estate in Sarasota

Buying Florida Real Estate

Looking To Buy Real Estate in Sarasota? Avoid the Pitfalls in 8 Easy Steps Buyers coming from both the US and from other countries understandably have a fair amount of apprehension about buying Florida Real Estate, not knowing the process. Whether you are a US Citizen or a global buyer, the process is nearly the […] Read more

7 Step Guide to Buying Property in Sarasota

Guide to Buying Property in Florida

In our conversations with new clients and friends we meet when we’re working in Europe and the UK, we often find there is some apprehension about the process when buying a home in Florida, as for many people it’s a complete unknown. Happily, we’re able to reassure everyone we talk to because the process is […] Read more

Puzzled By What Type of Real Estate is Right For You?

Florida Waterfront Property

The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Types, so that You Don’t Make the Wrong Choice! The type of property you choose as your future Sarasota home will be decided by several factors including whether it’s intended for a financial return or holiday home, your budget, and your personal wants/needs. As the types of homes […] Read more

Florida Real Estate Taxes and Their Implications: What You Need to Know

Florida Real Estate Taxes

In many parts of the world, it is common to pay taxes in some form. In Florida, there is no state income tax as there is in other US states. But if you do make money from renting or when you sell your property there will be Federal taxes (to the US government) to pay […] Read more

Why Buy Florida Investment Property?

Florida Investment Property

There are so many places around the world to spend your money. So many hotspots to snap up a deal on investment property, so why choose Florida? Most people think they know what Florida’s about, but some of the reasons to invest your money here might surprise you. 1) Incredible Climate The state of Florida […] Read more

What Kind of Florida Homeowners Insurance Do You Really Need and Why?

Florida Homeowners Insurance

With so many types of insurance out there, it can be confusing to understand your choices. Here we share with you what is important to know regarding Florida homeowners insurance so you don’t get caught unprotected. Here’s How It All Shakes Out Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Homeowners insurance helps pay to repair or rebuild your home […] Read more

Taxes And Titles: The Name on Your Property Title Matters

Real Estate Taxes and Titles

There are several options for how to hold title on your Florida real estate. However, if you are financing, you only have one option. Lenders require your property title to be in the individual’s name(s). If you pay cash, some of the more common ways you can elect to hold title are as an individual, […] Read more

Do I Need a Visa to Buy Property in the US?

Visa Application to buy property in the USA

Before we dive into the riveting topic of immigration and visas, we want to make a few main points. The U.S. welcomes and encourages investment from abroad. Although there are a few steps to follow with regard to visa paperwork, it is easy and efficient to get those boxes ticked these days! According to the […] Read more

4 Common Myths About Florida & Its Property Market

Florida Property Market

Let’s not beat about the bush, Florida has an image worldwide. And while part of that image is sun, sand, and sea, there are also some common negative misconceptions we sometimes encounter in our travels. Here are the top four, and our responses to them – you might just be surprised! 1) It’s Tacky Many […] Read more

How Much Money Do I Need To Invest in Florida Property?

Invest in Florida Property

That, of course, is the 64 million dollar question, and the one we get asked most often in our travels. What you choose to invest ultimately comes down to three things: what investment capital you have available, what return you need to achieve, and what lifestyle you’re looking for. The most common misconception out there […] Read more


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