Sarasota Waterfront Real Estate

Each of Sarasota’s islands and waterfront neighborhoods has its own personality. And each micro market has its own lifestyle and nuances. We strongly encourage each client to weigh in on the trade offs of each option to ensure that they are making a conscious choice that will result in the greatest lifestyle experience you aim for!

  • $1,570,000
    Median Home Price
  • $560,000
    Median Condo Price

Sarasota Waterfront

When you consider waterfront property in Sarasota it is important to how you want to experience that water. Do you want to be along a walking beach so you can get up each morning and exercise? Do you want to have a canal or bay front home so that you can have a boat dock? Do you want to see the sunset or sunrise each day? Do you want to watch birds fishing or dolphins swimming by?

Sarasota Waterfront area map

Sarasota's Main Waterfront Neighborhoods:

Bird Key

Bird Key Real Estate can offer some of the best choices in Sarasota living and Sarasota lifestyle to the lucky few who own homes there, and that's only 510 families total! Bird Key homes are typically canalfront or bayfront, with some garden homes which are not situated on the water. Overall Bird Key homes are highly desirable and one of the top choices for luxury waterfront communities in Sarasota, as resident Jerry Seinfeld can no doubt attest to.

Lido Key and St Armand's Key

Lido Key offers the owner a taste of the Sarasota living good life. Lido Key allows access to the spectacular coastline and beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. Connected to Lido Key lies St Armands Circle, Sarasota's most famous roundabout and shopping and dining area.

Siesta Key

Siesta Key is the Jewel in the Crown of the five barrier islands, which make up Sarasota if measured by the number of awards and accolades bestowed on Siesta Key Beach. The island is a bit more laid back and unassuming than some of Sarasota's other neighborhoods. It offers the most diverse set of experiences as one can live in or near the Siesta Key Village, along one of its walking beaches, in a canal front home, or on Sarasota Bay. Truly magnificent for its tropical island vibe.

Longboat Key

Longboat Key exudes a manicured and sophisticated personality. It is 12 miles long and in many parts you can enjoy views of both the Gulf of Mexico AND Sarasota Bay at the same time. The white sands, marinas, and spectacular golf courses punctuate a lifestyle of the rich, and yes some very famous inhabitants!

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  1. 5 beds,  7 baths
    10,616 sqft   lot 2.03 ac
    MLS A4207775
    512 Days on Market
  2. 6 beds,  8 baths
    12,095 sqft   lot 1.35 ac
    MLS A4200387
    599 Days on Market
  3. 7 beds,  9 baths
    9,000 sqft   lot 2.40 ac
    MLS A4418216
    210 Days on Market
  4. 4 beds,  6 baths
    8,138 sqft   lot 1.40 ac
    MLS A4420743
    200 Days on Market
  5. 7 beds,  7 baths
    10,087 sqft   lot 1.98 ac
    MLS A4418090
    233 Days on Market
  6. 5 beds,  7 baths
    8,496 sqft   lot 3.75 ac
    MLS A4203264
    564 Days on Market
  7. 5 beds,  6 baths
    8,500 sqft   lot 38,769 sqft
    MLS A4423922
    161 Days on Market
  8. 5 beds,  8 baths
    9,180 sqft   lot 1.20 ac
    MLS A4212699
    472 Days on Market
  9. 5 beds,  8 baths
    10,207 sqft   lot 1.04 ac
    MLS A4433864
    62 Days on Market
  10. 5 beds,  7 baths
    8,239 sqft   lot 37,898 sqft
    MLS A4207773
    512 Days on Market
  11. 6 beds,  8 baths
    4,420 sqft   lot 23,959 sqft
    MLS A4428847
    112 Days on Market
  12. 4 beds,  5 baths
    6,131 sqft   lot 1.90 ac
    MLS A4423775
    164 Days on Market
  13. 3 beds,  3 baths
    6,480 sqft   lot 1.23 ac
    MLS A4408524
    341 Days on Market
  14. 4 beds,  4 baths
    3,490 sqft   lot 9,148 sqft
    MLS A4428366
    112 Days on Market
  15. 4 beds,  5 baths
    4,472 sqft   lot 36,155 sqft
    MLS A4156330
    1,112 Days on Market
  16. 5 beds,  7 baths
    4,751 sqft   lot 20,038 sqft
    MLS A4435531
    47 Days on Market
  17. 4 beds,  4 baths
    4,187 sqft   lot 21,780 sqft
    MLS A4434317
    60 Days on Market
  18. 4 beds,  5 baths
    5,100 sqft   lot 1.16 ac
    MLS A4207772
    512 Days on Market
  19. 4 beds,  6 baths
    5,640 sqft   lot 17,860 sqft
    MLS A4433494
    69 Days on Market
  20. 5 beds,  6 baths
    4,500 sqft   lot 41,818 sqft
    MLS A4412259
    298 Days on Market
  21. 4 beds,  6 baths
    4,946 sqft   lot 11,762 sqft
    MLS A4438489
    9 Days on Market
  22. 4 beds,  8 baths
    6,193 sqft   lot 17,424 sqft
    MLS A4164414
    1,013 Days on Market
  23. Price Drop
    5 beds,  4 baths
    6,088 sqft   lot 1.25 ac
    MLS A4407010
    362 Days on Market
  24. 5 beds,  6 baths
    7,505 sqft   lot 23,958 sqft
    MLS N5913541
    709 Days on Market
  25. 4 beds,  5 baths
    5,655 sqft   lot 43,560 sqft
    MLS A4407617
    355 Days on Market
  26. 3 beds,  4 baths
    3,833 sqft  
    MLS A4197085
    636 Days on Market
  27. 4 beds,  5 baths
    6,250 sqft   lot 21,780 sqft
    MLS A4432826
    76 Days on Market
  28. 5 beds,  6 baths
    7,443 sqft   lot 17,860 sqft
    MLS A4418480
    210 Days on Market
  29. 4 beds,  5 baths
    5,987 sqft  
    MLS A4415969
    255 Days on Market
  30. 5 beds,  6 baths
    6,939 sqft   lot 2.11 ac
    MLS A4416545
    248 Days on Market
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