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How would you like to holiday for free? Let’s say that could be for a couple of weeks at a time on a sandy beach where you can swim, fish, walk, or just be? Would that suit you?  We have many clients who do just this: investing in a piece of Florida real estate which makes them investment income to cover its costs and at the same time generating positive cash flow.

What Does Your Ideal Holiday Look Like?

People walking on a Florida BeachIf you are interested in holidaying for free, the first step is determining what your ideal break looks like. Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? Do you want to walk, swim, play in the water? Do you want access to arts, culture, and good food?

Whether you are from London, Zurich, Lima, or Buenos Aires, you can have your sunsets, warm swimming waters, and beach lifestyle whenever you want, while your investment appreciates, and you generate cash flow. A nice position to be in.

Let’s discuss how this works using one very common scenario:

Meet Analia and Jorge from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have two grown children. While the children lead independent lives (one is in University and the other is working), they still like to vacation as a family. When the kids were younger they went to Disney World. Now they are ready to do something different. They have saved some capital and want to put it into real estate so they can earn a retirement nest egg.

There are very few places that nest egg is more secure than in Florida property.

Two people on Florida BeachAnalia and Jorge buy a condo on Siesta Key in Sarasota. They are able to purchase a well-Couple holiday for free with Florida Investment Property appointed waterfront condo, steps from the beach, and with gorgeous sea views. The condo is well-managed by a condo association, so they can come and go as they wish and not worry about general maintenance and upkeep. Analia and Jorge decide to use the condo for a month over Christmas and New Year, plus a two-week family vacation at another point in the year. Using this model they successfully cover the costs of their holidays, write off the flights and expenses as a cost of ownership for tax purposes, and rent the condo out the rest of the time on a weekly basis to get a solid cash flow return.

Analia and Jorge are delighted to have achieved not only a great retirement investment, a fantastic holiday lifestyle, and a secure investment for the future, but are looking forward to holidaying for free for the rest of their lives.

Why There’s No Better Place to Have an Investment and a Holiday

The United States continues to be a preferred destination for investors looking for security. We have smooth political transitions every four years, a large economy, and overall stability. Florida is the 2nd largest international gateway in the US – after New York – and because of new industries such as sports, medicine, and technology, we expect our state’s economy to grow and simultaneously diversify. It provides the added plus of not only financial returns but lifestyle returns.

Here are my top tips for finding a property that will get you the returns you need to holiday for free for the rest of your life:

  1. Short term rentals allow the greatest income generation – look for apartments that allow weekly rather than monthly rentals.
  2. Look for a year-round destination e.g.,
    » Theme Parks? Orlando
    » World-class cities? Miami
    » Beach communities? Palm Beach, Sarasota, take your pick of both the incredible coasts
    » Waterfront apartments – always winners anywhere

If you can find the perfect property, which ticks these boxes, and resonates with the lifestyle you desire to enjoy in Florida, then you have the winning ticket to lifelong free holidays, as well as a solid investment that generates both cash flow and long term security for you and future generations.

Get Started Now!

To get started today why not ask one of our expert Realtors to send you a hand-selected list of properties that fit your budget and criteria?

Or to learn more about breaking into the waterfront markets, read this article on what it actually will cost you, and what return you can expect.

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