The No.1 Beach in the US? Our very own Siesta Key Beach Sarasota

Numbers are in, and Siesta Key Beach, tops the ranks of America’s beaches. A fact expected to boost visitors to the area by 15-20% and set the Sarasota real estate market on fire.

It’s now official, what we’ve known for a long time, that Siesta Key Beach’s 40 acre sweep of perfect white sands is really something special, and unsurpassed from shore to shore of the US having beaten beaches in California, the Hamptons, Hawaii, and Cape Cod for the accolade.

Director of Florida International University’s coastal research lab, Steven Leatherman, announced the results last week, and described the Siesta Beach sand as being “like sugar.” Siesta Beach also scored highly on water quality, weather, facilities, shallow water and gentle currents.

siesta key beach sarasota

While it is great to be formally recognized in the 21st edition of Dr. Beach, national and international awards have been coming in for years. What is even more exciting to me is the number of Floridians that are telling people they meet to go to Sarasota.

I recently met a New York couple who having asked one of their friends and residents of Clearwater, FL “If you could live anywhere in Florida, where would it be?” got the response: Sarasota. The natural beauty is amazing, and when people arrive they say that it exceeds their expectations.

Those who have already relocated to the best beach in America will be already enjoying the fabulous lifestyle offered on Siesta Key. If you’re interested in joining them please get in touch about excellent opportunities right now @ 941.587.0740. 🙂

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