TOP 2022 Design and Tech Trends: LIVE from International Builders Show!!

This week we filmed from the show floor of the International Builders and Kitchen & Bath Design Show in Orlando Florida. We were there to understand the latest trends and technology that are influencing the properties that we live in and that we will buy in the future.

First, let me talk about some of the product trends. Yes, there are some whimsical new gadgets like night lights on toilets, and the hand dryer that has given away to the full body dryer to eliminate the need for a towel. There’s also the Profile line of GE Appliances that now can receive over-the-air updates so that your appliance stays current year after year.

Here are our 3 Favorites in Home Innovations:

  1. Cooking Surface Prime. The countertop where there’s no cooking elements whatsoever. The induction cooking elements are underneath so there are no burners or controls visible on the surface at all. It gives you extra counter space when you need it and you can cook right on the counter when you’re ready to cook. It’s almost like a little bit of magic.
  2. Murphy Hidden Shelves and Mirrors. The company that brought us the Murphy bed now has Murphy Mirrors, which open up into a bathroom and also Murphy Shelves, which is like a secret door into hidden closet space. Having more storage and more organization are very, very popular coming out of the pandemic.
  3. Age in Place Caregiver Smart Solutions. We are seeing the power smart technology combined with data collection aid caregivers to have peace of mind as more and more people live and age in place. With a variety of sensors placed inside the home, key data is sent to caregivers which provides them the ability to unobtrusively monitor one’s routines inside the home and signal when something abnormal happens. The empowers individuals to live independently for much longer.

There are clear priorities from today’s home buyers that are shaping new trends for Builders and Community Developers:

  • Buyers Want Luxury, Form and Function in Outdoor Space. The outdoor space is becoming more and more important to homeowners. Not only does it allow more common area and square footage of living space, but this is an area where people are really investing to customize it, making more part of the entire home through specific, unique features such as privacy walls, fireplaces, greenery.
  • Check out this phenomenal outdoor space at the property that went live today just West of Trail:

    1943 Morris Street Ourdoor Space
    1943 Morris Street
  • Pets are People Too. We’re also seeing that pets are more than ever an integral part of the family. In fact, in consumer surveys about what they want in amenities, those focusing on our fur babies is the number one feature buyers want in their new communities with features like self-service pet washes that will make the dogs and cats in the community happy and therefore their owners happy.
  • Take a look at the extensive pet amenities that the St. Regis Longboat Key Resort has to offer:

    St Regis Luxury Condos
    The Residences at The St. Regis Longboat Key Resort

For more information on any of these products, or to talk about what’s going to happen with you and your next move, please give me a call @ 941 587 0740.

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